IMG_3483Lucio Campos is an inspiring and energetic person, who’s drive is to help as many people as he comes across. All his life, regardless of what his the-current career was, he has wanted to help people he knew in any way he might be able to help. Lucio never like to follow direct orders from his professional superiors, when it meant sacrificing his relationship and trust with his customers and friends. Even when it meant parting ways from his work at the end of the day. On to the next project, and see how we can make a difference else where.

It wasn’t till after his profession of 9 years and found himself with an opportunity to work in a health performance shop that was set up inside a well respected gym chain that was just opening in his hometown, that he started piecing together what he knew what his future would be. Working in the health performance shop turned out to be a bitter sweet gig.  Outside from having to complete tedious tasks that were daunting, and designed for someone that was new to the working, he was able to meet amazing people while being in the gym. Personal trainers that would tell me how they loved what they did because of their amazing clients, and then their clients motivated because of their inspiring personal trainers physique and strength thus trying to better themselves. Soon “talking shop” went from talking about replacement “digitizers” and “delamination” to “BMI”, “Body Fat Percentage”, “Basal Metabolic Rate”, “Fasting” and “Ketogenesis”. Two completely different worlds, but the common denominator between the two? Another (actually a better) way to help people.

IMG_0209Lucio quickly began learning everything he could about health, nutrition and fitness. Talking to trainers and picking their brains, hearing out the gym members on their experiences (good and bad) while working out on their journeys, he also began an intense workout regimen to get the “hands on experience” of training the body.

In 2016 during all the commotion and study of his new found obsession, Lucio found the finishing piece of the puzzle that would show him the way to his new future endeavor. Working with his new found product partner, USANA Health Sciences, Lucio was introduced a whole new world of peers and colleagues that were also working this leading cellular nutrition company, all set with the same goal. Heal the world.

Attending health conventions he met fitness instructors, holistic healers, health coaches, life coaches, entrepreneurs, spiritual guides, new mentors all wanting to help make the biggest and healthiest family in the universe, with the people they connected with. Being right up his ally, Lucio implemented this new partner to use as a foundation to help others heal and create a stronger, healthier self.

With this new found vehicle for a healthier world, Lucio decided to pursue a future of bettering peoples’ health and fitness. Since meeting so many inspiring people along the way, he has begun the process of starting his own strength training group as well as helping organize several weight loss challenges. Participating in these events, himself, Lucio is leading a healthier life by losing weight and gaining strength, and inspiring others to do the same.

So, won’t you join us in helping make the world the healthiest place in the universe!

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