Reading Lists

What I’m Reading For Motivation Right Now

It is very important to feed the most important muscle in your body, your brain! How do we do that, you ask? The most effective way is to constantly feed it new information. You NEED MORE INPUT!


  1. Starting Strength – continuing to follow this book like a bible, it has become invaluable to my training in the gym. Everytime that I read a chapter I find something new that I can use to help improve my training or help someone I know in their own regimen. I highly recommend Starting Strength if you are serious about increasing your strength and confidence.
  2. The Magic of Thinking BIG – now this one is an audiobook, but there is a physical and kindle version available as well, through Amazon. This book is more of a self-improvement book on your mindset. It has more to do with your inner-philosophy rather than just your diet and/or exercise. I can’t count how many times this book as helped to open my eyes when I was struggling with a mental dilemma. Very good read, or in my case, a great listen in the car during my morning “Daddy” routines.
  3. The Keto Diet: The Complete Guide to a High-Fat Diet – this is another invaluable book to have in your library. There are so many tips and fabulous recipes in this little gem. If you would like a quickstart guide to a high-fat ketogenic diet, I recommend picking up The Keto Diet. Available in paperback, spiral-bound and in Kindle verions.

Reading is a vital part to our daily lives. If you are tight on time, I highly recommend trying out an audiobook service, like Audible. Try Audible and Get Two Free Audiobooks, on me. It is important for us to feed our minds as well as our bodies with nourishing knowledge. Good reads are an important part of growth and development. If you want to be successful, if you want to become healthier, you have to know how to get there.  One of the best ways to do that is to read.